The Voodoohoney House Band Journal (#2)

The Voodoohoney House Band took the stage late last night as the bar was overtaken by poets (it happens sometimes). The Gathering Place of the Poets packed the joint with poets– 40 in total– who stood elbow to elbow throwing them back and reading poems.

As the clock passed Midnight, the Voodoohoney House Band stood in a corner chatting with each other, watching the poetry, armed with their instruments– saxophone, bass guitar, drumsticks.

I told them sorry, this event was going later than I thought.

“Does it look like we’re stressed, Tea?” Jay replied. Indeed, the band does not ever seemed stressed, they take it as smooth as one of their jazzy riffs. After the last poet (Dr. Nick) recited, the band quickly set up and made the most of their stage time. They started off with psychedelic sounding Zappa-esque space rock. The magical violin player and her mythical wolf (see last entry) and Jay wailing on the saxophone soon joined in.

The band played on until just before bar close, closing a long evening of poetry and jams.

It was a great night. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s livestream video uploaded by one of our awesome resident DJs,
DJ Kingpin: