The Voodoohoney House Band Journal (#1)

By Tea Krulos

Around Midnight the Public House door opened and a woman walked in carrying a violin case with a giant white dog (was it part wolf? part bear?) strolling quietly next to her. We typically don’t allow dogs into the bar, but this was perhaps not a dog but a mystical creature. The audience gawked as they passed by. They were here for the Voodoohoney House Band.

“Can I jam with you?” She asked as she approached the Public House stage where the keyboardist (sorry, still trying to learn names) was noodling around on a melody which James was carefully trying to walk his bass lines over. She unpacked her violin and got onstage and began unleashing a storming crescendo with her bow. Her dog’s leash was strapped to her belt loop, but the dog had no interest in going anywhere and sat comfortably on the stage, his tongue lolling happily while mom shredded. The music had soothed the beast.

All of this seemed like some Riverwest fable or fairy tale– the woman and her wolf show up at Midnight to cast a spell with a magic violin.

Soon the trio was joined onstage by a drummer and Mr. Voodoohoney himself, Jay Anderson, killing it as he poured heart and soul into wailing away on his saxophone. It was just such a great combo with all of the musicians spot on. I’m glad I got to see it.

One of the things I’ve always liked about the Public House is that it can be many things. It’s often a music venue (of almost every genre) and often a place where political and community events take place. It can be a comedy club and is every Sunday at 1pm (The Mic). It’s an art gallery with a show opening once a month and a place to learn (like at our monthly Night School series.)

Now every Wednesday night it’s a mystical jazzy funk jam session on stage with the Voodoohoney House Band. See you there– it gets started around 9:30.