Night School: 3 Part Series – The Intersectionality of Homelessness

Part I: Sunday, December 8th at 4pm 

In Homelessness You Find all of the Ills of Society

Part One of the Series, “In Homelessess you can find all of the Ills of Society,” will be a discussion surrounding the problem of homelessness in Milwaukee and will feature speakers from various backgrounds who are currently struggling or have struggled with homelessness. The conversation will also include the most updated information surrounding the Step by Step Collective’s current Drop-In Center Initiative and how we as a community can address these issues collectively and holistically.

**Part II: Sunday January 12th
Homelessness and Sexual Assault

**Part III: Sunday February 9th
The Working Homeless

The Step By Step Collective is a group of community members focused on bringing awareness to trans and cis women’s issues in Milwaukee. The current Community Housing Inititative aims to reclaim a vacant, public space and to transform it into a drop-in center for single trans/cis women and families struggling with homelessness. We are focused on creating community-driven, sustainable homeless solutions in the city of Milwaukee while simultaneously addressing the root causes of the issue on a political and cultural level.