Help Stop Mining in the Penokees

Action Alert from the Bad River Tribe:

Send Letters of Support to be delivered to the EPA 

Led by Bad River, six Ojibwe bands have sent a letter to the EPA asking them to undertake a 404c process, which would allow them to pre-emptively stop the mine because of the importance of the resources that it threatens.  They need your help.  This a very simple “ask” but possibly the single, most important thing you can do this summer toward stopping the mine.


To get your EPA letter of support, go to and print the letter. Please date, sign and add a brief statement, based on your own experience that tells how you/your family/your business will be affected by mining discharge.  Print your name and address, too.


Or better yet, write a brief letter to Dr. Hedman, EPA Region 5, in your own words.


The entire stack of completed letters will be presented to the EPA when the tribes meet with them on August 21, 2014, so send your letter to the Bad River Tribe by August 15th.


Either e-mail your letter to:

Or, mail a hard copy to Mark Anthony Rolo, Bad River Legal Department, 

PO Box 39, Odanah, Wi 54861


• I am a supporter of the Bad River Tribe, living in Milwaukee. My family has lived/conducted spiritual practices/farmed/harvested wild rice/hunted/fished/hiked in the Bad River Watershed area for ____ generations.

• I live in southeast Wisconsin and fish/hunt/vacation/hike/bike/bird-watch/kayak, canoe…in the area drained by the Bad River watershed…

• Mining waste discharge from GTAc’s proposed taconite mine in the Penokee Hills will disperse known harmful contaminants throughout the water-rich environment of the Bad River Watershed, from the Bad River’s headwaters in the Penokee Range to its endpoints throughout the western Lake Superior Basin, thereby adversely affecting /the health and well-being of our human, plant and animal communities for years to come/ my community’s drinking water/the plants and animals I depend/ the vitality of our fish and other aquatic species/clean water jobs/our wild and unspoiled natural recreational areas/…

• The 2013 Wisconsin Mining Law was written by the mining industry to circumvent the water protections of Wisconsin’s Mining Moratorium Law (1998) and other DNR regulations. The new law requires the DNR to grant exemptions to taconite mining on water pollution standards, filling wetlands, and drawing down the watertable/wells in the area of the mine. No ecologically-sound remediation for mining-damaged waterways or wetlands exists in Wisconsin because of this law…


Don’t let this happen.


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  • I believe that GTAC shouldn’t be able to do this to our beautiful Northwoods…. This is an absoulte abomination… I love the northwoods and I hope that this ends NOW! I don’t wanna see this beautiful place be changed and destroyed!!!!

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