New Year’s Eve Service Industry Breakfast 4am-7am

So let’s say it’s 4, 5, 6AM and you are finally done with work (or the last party just ended). None of the good brunch places are open till 10am. You could shell out the last of your cash for some mediocre eggs and toast somewhere OR

You could stop by our New Year’s Eve Service Industry Breakfast. Because as a service industry pro, you just had a hell of a time making sure everyone else had a hell of a time. Now it’s your turn to enjoy the holiday. Join us for a breakfast featuring the following high quality meal:

-Organic Blueberry French Toast bake
-Biscuits & Gravy (meat + vegan)
-Organic Local Bacon
-Free Range Organic Local Scrambled Eggs
-Free Range Organic Local Omelette Bar
-Tofu Scramble (vegan)
-Breakfast Potatoes, Fresh Fruit, Toast

+++Free Mimosa with your food

Catered by our friends at 7 sisters 7 suns catering 

*4am to 7am*
new years day mornin’

Free Mimosa with your food
$10 advance, $13 NYE
Limited space is available, so grab your tickets soon! Advance tickets on sale till Dec 27th.

DJ set from The French Connection


All Your Foam Are Belong To Us!

You know that hunk of pink insulation foam you’ve got in your garage that was left over from a project and you just don’t have any place to put? Bring it to us! We’re gonna make something. Size doesn’t matter. Drop it off and your friendly bartender will put it in the basement where it will become something both unrecognizable and advantageous.

Common Ground Health Care Cooperative Info Session

Want to know more about the Affordable Care Act? Obamacare? Southeastern Wisconsin’s Cooperative insurance company? We’re hosting an info session on October 27th at 4pm. You can also catch them at Co-op Fest.

“Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative is a non-profit, member-governed health insurance cooperative that believes in transparency. Any profit we make goes directly back toward lowering premiums and improving benefits — for you, your employees, or your customers.

Common Ground is a community organization that works toward igniting positive change within the greater Milwaukee area. With the power of the collective voice, we have a strong history of facilitating significant and meaningful improvements within our community.
Our most ambitious effort to date: create a health insurance cooperative that puts people before profits and gives its members a voice — just like Common Ground. 

Five years and thousands of hours of hard work later, we are very pleased to announce the opening of the Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative.”

Enrollment started October 1, 2013 Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative will begin enrollment in 19 counties in Eastern Wisconsin, with insurance effective on January 1, 2014.

Members Only Tasting this Saturday

Our quarterly Seasonal Tasting is upon us!

This Saturday from 5-7, we’ll be giving members a free sneak peek at our new seasonal specials, which are rolling out the same day.

AND the Riverwest Bakery Co-op will be serving assorted loaves of bread for a tasting. You can sign up for their CSB (Community Supported Bakery) at the event.

Here’s what we’ll be tasting:

Simply Apple – Yahara Bay Apple Brandy (WI honey crisp) with a touch of spicy simple syrup

Electric Fence – Strongbow and Hum liqour

Classic Irish Coffee – Jameson, Baileys and Just Coffee Co-op coffee

Hello Death – Lemon Hart 151 rum, white rum, a trio of juices, cinnamon and honey

Brain Duster – absinthe, rye whiskey, vermouth

Old Fashioned Three Ways:

Pumpkin – w/ Great Lakes Pumpkin liquor
Bacon – w/ house made Bacon whiskey
Cranberry – your choice of brandy or whiskey with tart cranberries

With this Seasonal Tasting, we’re also rolling out the following new happy hours:

– Every weekday from 3-7pm: $3 Lakefront Pints and $1 off rails. Introducing Pizza + Pitcher for $15 every happy hour.

– Saturday 2-7pm – $2 off seasonals

– Sunday 11am-4pm – $5 Bloody Mary // 7-Midnight 2-for-1

– Margarita Monday – $4 Margaritas 7-Midnight

– Tequila Sunrise Tuesday – $4 Tequila Sunrise 7-Midnight

– Wednesday – $9 Select Pitchers 7-Midnight

– Thursday – ODP – Powers Shot = $3; Shot of Powers + Hamms = $5 from 7-Midnight

– Friday – Educators + Public Employees drink like members all night

No Action on Israel Boycott Proposal

We at the Riverwest Public House Cooperative appreciate hearing the viewpoints of our members and neighbors on this issue. Please allow me to clarify some details for you, as it seems some members of our community have been misinformed on the recent happenings at the Public House.

On July 8, the Milwaukee Palestine Solidarity Coalition (MPSC) approached the RWPH Board of Directors to participate in a cultural and economic boycott of Israeli products. After their presentation to the Board, the Board decided that it was not in the position to make a decision and asked the MPSC to present to the membership in an open and educational discussion space. On July 31, MPSC presented to members and a non-binding advisory vote was held for the specific purpose of gauging member interest. The Board has not voted to support or not to support the boycott and has not scheduled a vote on the matter. The Board is working to determine how the Public House responds to any requests to participate in boycotts and will respond to this request when it decides on an appropriate method. The Riverwest Public House Cooperative remains committed to providing a welcoming social meeting place, to provide patrons with a variety of affordable local, organic and/or delicious beers, ciders and spirits, and to raise funds to propagate other cooperatives through the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance.

Thank you,

Elena Pires
President, Board of Directors
Riverwest Public House Cooperative

Celebrate Solar Riverwest! Tuesday 5-7pm

Many of you have been Solar Riverwest supporters from the start. Thank you! We’re hosting an informal get together next week to kick off the solar installations. Some of you are moving forward with a solar install, while some have discovered it’s not the right time. Regardless, many have been great advocates and we want to celebrate your commitment to making a better neighborhood!

Meet your neighbors who are installing solar, meet the installation crew, and meet the folks who make the solar panels!

Solar Riverwest Celebration
Tuesday, July 30
5 – 7 pm

Should the Public House support a boycott of Israel?

In 2005, Palestinian civil society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights. A truly global movement against Israeli Apartheid is rapidly emerging in response to this call. Members of the Milwaukee chapter of this movement have approached the Riverwest Public House asking the business to join. The Board of Directors deemed a public speaking event to be useful in allowing members and neighbors to deliberate whether the Public House should participate.

The Public House currently has no official position on this issue. It presently carries no Israeli products, and has not hosted any Israeli academic or cultural institutions. An informal, non-binding vote among members will follow the presentation.

2 Free Beer Tastings

We’ve got a couple of free beer tastings coming up on July 23 and 25th. They’re both from 6-8pm.

On Tuesday, July 23, we’re hosting Oskar Blues Brewery from Colorado. You may have noticed their Dale’s Pale Ale on draught here for the past month or so. It’s good stuff, and they’ve got a lot more great beers as well. Again, totally free from 6-8pm. Come imbibe.

The second tasting is from Sprecher. They come in and do tastings periodically, and we’re particularly excited for their seasonal Summer Pils. 6-8pm on Thursday July 25!


Update on Solar Riverwest

Solar Riverwest is in full effect! Customers have committed to 8 systems at a total of 25.5 kW. There are still several dozen more proposals pending, so this number has the potential to at least double. See the map below for a quick look at our progress. Construction is set to start on the first 2 systems on Monday July 22nd. Keep an eye out for Solar Riverwest yard signs in front of participants’ homes.


H&H Solar Energy Services is our contractor. They are based out of Madison, and were the best qualified installer given the uncertainty associated with this project. It was unclear from the start if we would be contracting for 20 Kw or 150 Kw. Additionally, because of the requirements of ME2, 40% of H&H’s labor on the Solar Riverwest installations will come from underemployed or unemployed City of Milwaukee residents. That means your household’s switch to renewable energy has already put 2 electricians from our community to work!

Celebrate Co-op Month October 12th in Riverwest

Where: Garden Park (Bremen & Locust)
What: A celebration of our neighborhood and its cooperative businesses and organizations!

Saturday Oct. 12
– Family-friendly fun activities in Garden Park next to the Riverwest Public House
– Introduction to co-ops & tours of local co-op businesses
– Tables of information and more

A series workshops will be offered to further explore:
– The co-op model
– Why co-ops? and why now?
– How co-operative businesses fit into an alternative economy
– The larger wider co-op movement
– How our community can  benefit from cooperating.