Scott Sharrard

Riverwest Public House is thrilled to welcome GRAMMY nominated musician (and former Milwaukeean) SCOTT SHARRARD, guitarist, music director, and co-writer for The Gregg Allman Band. Local musicians Ms. Lotus Fankh and Bootleg Bessie will open.

Tuesday, Aug. 21 doors at 7pm
Riverwest Public House (815 E. Locust St)

2018 GRAMMY nominee Scott Sharrard had been the touring guitarist for the Gregg Allman Band since the Fall of 2008. He’s been called “one of the best guitarists in the country” by Billboard. Gregg Allman, had high praise for the guitarist. “I know all about guitar players —I’ve seen the very best — and Scott Sharrard is the perfect guitarist for my band. He understands that you don’t need to play just for the sake of playing; Scott isn’t one of those guys who thinks they’re getting paid by the note. He never steps on the vocals, and leaves plenty of room for everyone else to do their thing, but when it’s time to solo, Scott delivers, boy.”

While most recently acting as Musical Director & Co-Writer for Allman and recently recording his last record “Southern Blood” in Muscle Shoals, Scott has also been concentrating on the growth of his solo career while holding Gregg’s legacy near and dear as a guiding light and point of everlasting inspiration. His next album “Saving Grace” has been recorded and will be released in 2018.
Instagram: @scott.sharrard ;


JUNE Build Your Own Happy Hours

“Build Your Own Happy Hour” is an ongoing series at Riverwest Public House where we invite individuals, groups, and organizations to come in for a special happy hour to promote themselves. Here’s happy hours we have booked for June. Interested in hosting your own? E-mail:

Thurs. June 7 (6-9pm): Dalek Asylum Milwaukee
Dalek Asylum Milwaukee (as seen in Doctor Who Magazine) is a Dalek replica building collective that is headquartered in Milwaukee Makerspace. Stop by to get more info on the collective, Makerspace, and get your picture taken with a Dalek!
FB event:

Thurs. June 14 (6-9pm): Milwaukee Poly Group
The poly group was founded in 2009 and has stood by its mission to foster awareness of ethical non-monogamy and support those that are polyamorous or poly-curious for almost a full decade. Twice monthly meetings have developed a community of hundreds of people strong.

At this Build Your Own Happy Hour, the Milwaukee Poly Group would like to host a pot luck, info session, and discussion to learn all about what Milwaukee Poly is, what they hope to bring to the community of Milwaukee at large, and if it’s a community you’d like to be a part of.
FB event:

Tues June 19 (6-8pm): Tarot Tuesday
Are you interested in Tarot? Have you been reading for a while, or are you just getting started? Special guest Jen Cintrón will be joining for this Build Your Own Happy Hour, leading a discussion on Tarot, bring your cards, your notebook, your questions, or your insights!

Discussion from 6-8pm, and you can stick around afterwards to get a special price on a reading from Jen, only $10 for 10-12 minutes! You can read more about Jen on her website here:

FB Event:

Thurs June 28 (5-8pm): Collective Amnesia zine
Local anarchists give a talk and lead discussion about their zine, ‘Fighting Collective Amnesia: Recovering Our Memory and Staying Alert’ which offers a contemporary history of resistance movements while putting forth the goal of long-term movement building against capitalism and the state.

FB Event:

The Voodoohoney House Band Journal (#2)

The Voodoohoney House Band took the stage late last night as the bar was overtaken by poets (it happens sometimes). The Gathering Place of the Poets packed the joint with poets– 40 in total– who stood elbow to elbow throwing them back and reading poems.

As the clock passed Midnight, the Voodoohoney House Band stood in a corner chatting with each other, watching the poetry, armed with their instruments– saxophone, bass guitar, drumsticks.

I told them sorry, this event was going later than I thought.

“Does it look like we’re stressed, Tea?” Jay replied. Indeed, the band does not ever seemed stressed, they take it as smooth as one of their jazzy riffs. After the last poet (Dr. Nick) recited, the band quickly set up and made the most of their stage time. They started off with psychedelic sounding Zappa-esque space rock. The magical violin player and her mythical wolf (see last entry) and Jay wailing on the saxophone soon joined in.

The band played on until just before bar close, closing a long evening of poetry and jams.

It was a great night. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s livestream video uploaded by one of our awesome resident DJs,
DJ Kingpin:

Public House Locust St Fest Line-up June 10

Locust Street Line-up

Outdoor stage:

11:30-Noon: Bootleg Bessie

12:15-12:45: Negative/Positive

12:45: The Mic with Greg Bach and Dana Ehrmann

1-1:30: Detenzione

1:45-2:15: Loud Sun

2:30-3: Taj Raiden

3: Karaoke with Morgan

3:15-3:45: (ORB)

4-4:30: Soup Moat

4:45-5:15: Vincent VanGREAT

5:30-6: Lauryl Sulfate and her Ladies of Leisure

6:15-6:45: Whips

Indoor stage:

12-4: WMSE DJs Von Munz and Haven

4-7: Dashcam

7:30: The Doll House Show

8: VoodooHoney House Band

9: DJ DRipSWeaT

Sign up for the 42nd Annual Riverwest Beer Run/ Walk here:

The Voodoohoney House Band Journal (#1)

By Tea Krulos

Around Midnight the Public House door opened and a woman walked in carrying a violin case with a giant white dog (was it part wolf? part bear?) strolling quietly next to her. We typically don’t allow dogs into the bar, but this was perhaps not a dog but a mystical creature. The audience gawked as they passed by. They were here for the Voodoohoney House Band.

“Can I jam with you?” She asked as she approached the Public House stage where the keyboardist (sorry, still trying to learn names) was noodling around on a melody which James was carefully trying to walk his bass lines over. She unpacked her violin and got onstage and began unleashing a storming crescendo with her bow. Her dog’s leash was strapped to her belt loop, but the dog had no interest in going anywhere and sat comfortably on the stage, his tongue lolling happily while mom shredded. The music had soothed the beast.

All of this seemed like some Riverwest fable or fairy tale– the woman and her wolf show up at Midnight to cast a spell with a magic violin.

Soon the trio was joined onstage by a drummer and Mr. Voodoohoney himself, Jay Anderson, killing it as he poured heart and soul into wailing away on his saxophone. It was just such a great combo with all of the musicians spot on. I’m glad I got to see it.

One of the things I’ve always liked about the Public House is that it can be many things. It’s often a music venue (of almost every genre) and often a place where political and community events take place. It can be a comedy club and is every Sunday at 1pm (The Mic). It’s an art gallery with a show opening once a month and a place to learn (like at our monthly Night School series.)

Now every Wednesday night it’s a mystical jazzy funk jam session on stage with the Voodoohoney House Band. See you there– it gets started around 9:30.

Memorial Day Weekend at Public House

We have a great Memorial Day line-up of events at Public House and we hope you join us! We’ll have drink specials all weekend.

Friday, May 25: Nelson Devereaux with Cool Pollution and Nutrictious and Delicious. 9pm, $7 cover.
Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, playing a musical instrument and nightPhoto by Matt Bertzyk

Saxophonist Nelson Devereaux is known for his work with Bon Iver. His solo project is taking the stage along with Minneapolis experimental indie pop group Cool Pollution and Ben Yela’s new experimental group Nutritious and Delicious.

Saturday, May 26: No Stress Collective Party! 10pm, free.

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling

Bring on all the dancing! The No Stress Collective is throwing a party! Join us for our favorite music from the last 4 decades! You might hear:
Hip Hop
Who knows?! But it will be music to shake your groove thang to. Its been one helluva winter and we wanna bring in the summer with you!


This party will abide by and reinforce the Afropunk rules of :
No sexism, no racism, no ableism, no ageism, no homophobia, no transphobia, no fatphobia, no hatefulness.

Sunday, May 27: Bluegrass Grill-out. Garden Park, 1-4 pm, free.

Image may contain: 4 people, people on stage and outdoor

Our friends The MilBillies will be playing in Garden Park next to Public House. Bring your own lawn chairs. We’ll be serving drinks you can bring outside and we’ll have a grill going 1-4 pm. Relax, enjoy a drink and a free show.

Monday, May 28: Memorial Day Karaoke. 9pm, free.

No automatic alt text available.

End your holiday weekend with a song! Our wonderful karaoke host Morgan will sign you up and we’ll have grill out leftovers and other food (feel free to bring yours to share).

Night School: The Case for Optimism: Radicals and Progressives Take on Trumpist Nihilism

We can all see the empire coming, and we want to strike back.

Is it enough to say ‘NO’?

What are we fighting for? How do we take the initiative back?

The truth is we already have the initiative. Once progressives and the counterculture challenged the competitive society of materialism and dehumanization, inequality and alienation, hierarchies and disempowerment, distraction and inauthenticity, the conservative movement began mobilizing to stop us.

The internal hemorrhaging of geopolitical empire is a catastrophe for victims everywhere who will suffer its wrath-filled decline. Experiencing a pervasive sense of threat, many urgently seek to mount an opposition to the present assault on American institutions and the American (and many other) people. What is less clear is what the fight is for. Many wonder, is there even a vision for viable alternative? We must not let the empire suck our dreams from us. We must recall that American society refocused its fateful slide into domination and violence following the 1960s. After progressives and the counterculture challenged mainstream American life, immersed in materialism and consumerism, inequality and alienation and disconnection, hierarchies and disempowerment and loss of dignity, nihilist distraction and interdiction of genuine selfhood and community, many saw this was not a way to live and live well, certainly not in a time of post-industrial productivity where all can have more of what they need, and justice can be done, here and elsewhere, perhaps everywhere.

When progressives and radicals punctured the myth of the immaculate system and it started lurching and taking in water, conservatives and reactionaries bailed out and attacked and assaulted their very own system. Ironically, it has been liberals and even progressives who have returned to the defense of the system, the very system they were the first to insist needed wholesale change. Young people see the deeper rot in the system, and the lives of meaninglessness and desperation it offers and demands – and do not simply seek a return to pre-Trump or even pre-Reagan ‘normalcy.’

THE TIME OF VISION HAS COME: Our issue is the moral quality of our lives and communities and the opportunities to nurture and harness the power every one of us has for a life of realization, meaning, and contribution. We are entering a great experimental age – discovering new kinds of relations, work and play lives, temples and churches and communions, communities, families and education and the raising of children in just and empowering ways. This is a great age for envisioning, inviting us to explore hopeful and engaging ways to live. If we can then live these experiments boldly and mutually, share them, report on them, network and become them, we will find that vision indeed inhabits the land in new and compelling ways.

Join us for a Night School discussion as we welcome James Block, author, political theorist, and professor of political science at DePaul University in Chicago.

Sunday, May 28 at 6pm
Riverwest Public House Cooperative
815 E Locust St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Coming Soon!

This will be the new home to the Riverwest public house website.  If you are looking at this now, congrats! You must be extra awesome and love to check out what’s going on at the public house.  For now, go to our main website or check us out on facebook.

Stay tuned, we have exciting things to share!


~Cory Ruegg

Web admin for PH

2017 Annual General Meeting May 21 – Run for the Board of Directors

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING MAY 21 at 3pm. Members Only. Vote for our future.

The Riverwest Public House isn’t just a bar. You know this when you get that feeling. The one that comes when you bump into friends and neighbors over a pint. The feeling after an incredible show, or a Night School, a book club, a political art show or a dance party. It is that feeling that we aren’t just hoping for community but that we’re actually building it. We know our neighborhood, our city, our world is a better place every time we raise a glass.

This is why many of us have joined as members. We get sick of politicos dictating what is good “for the people” and disillusioned with the idealists who never get around to doing something. We aren’t waiting for someone else to act, but we are seizing control of our economic and communal destiny. As they say around the block, “You’re doing it!”

But maybe that overwhelming good vibe comes with a little tugging. Maybe you walk out of the pub and think, “It is awesome, but it could be so much better.” Maybe you’re checking the calendar for this weekend shows and say “I want to do more with the Public House.”

Maybe you’re ready to move from the barstool to the boardroom.

OK, so we don’t really have a boardroom, just the long table in front. But still. We’re taking nominations for the upcoming Board of Director elections. We need organizers and activists, dreamers and realists, folks that are good with nuts and bolts and folks that see the big picture. We need finance folks and HR people. We need neighbors and friends. We need the community to lift up leaders and leaders to direct the co-op, especially at this time of growth and change for our organization.

Our board has a few practical functions. We govern by policy and decide by consensus. That means we will look at what are the best practices for this cocktail community we’re creating. We give structural support to our workers collective. We carry the banner of co-ops and tell the story of the Public House locally and nationally.  We’re a working board, with each director serving on a committee.  The board currently meets twice monthly and the schedule will be restructured with the new Board. There are three open seats each with a three year term.

While any enthusiastic organized self-motivator who is a lover of the co-op should run, we are specifically looking for people with experience in HR, Marketing, business management, and of course who couldn’t use a lawyer?

So, if you love building community one drink at a time, come help design the blueprints for that building. Join the board. Email for more information. Our Annual General Meeting, where board elections take place, will occur on Sunday, May 21. Please fill out the google form board application or you can pick up an analog application from any bartender. All submissions are due by May 7, 2017.


Riverwest Public House Board of Directors

Night School: Affordable Housing

Can we find a home for everyone?

Can we be a city where everyone has a great place to live at a price they can afford, or is this a utopian fantasy?

Join the discussion: Sunday, April 2 at 6:00 at the Riverwest Public House

Can we learn from other cities’ affordable housing strategies? Can we start creating tomorrow’s affordable housing with existing tools? Is the community a passive recipient of unaffordable housing, or can the community demand something better?

This event is organized by Milwaukee Community Land Trust, a not for profit organization seeking to use the community land trust model to permanently solve Milwaukee’s housing problems. This event is hosted by the Riverwest Public House as part of our Night School series, a community education program.